Kit Kat Breaks Website

Kit Kat fans feel the need to take a break from time to time. Problem is, they hardly have fresh ideas to do for the breaks. Kit Kat wants to help by creating a site that will inspire their fans to take a break, in a new and fresh way.


The clean, minimalist and modern user interface design highlights the functionality and content of the website. Navigation is straightforward so users can explore the website faster and easier.

Infinite Scrolling

We want to give the users endless things to do during their breaks so they can keep on scrolling to find what they like.

Break Filters

Users can filter the breaks to whatever fits their current situation: they can select 5-minute break if they don’t have that much time; select a city to see if there’s a break nearby; or filter breaks based on their interest. There’s even a random break for those who are undecided!

Kit Kat Bench Break Map

Find all the iconic Kit Kat Benches in different parts of the Philippines.

Fun Break Content

Users may enjoy the breaks they can find in the website. All articles are shareable on the user’s social media networks.

Team & Role

Collaborated with the art director and copywriter to come up with the website concept. Created the wireframes for the UI for the art director to follow. Copywriter provided the article guidelines for the editorial team.

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